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Ilya Birman

Thanks for your blogging, but please stop using double spaces, it makes text much harder to read. Thanks.


hey. welcome back.
speaking of layout complaints,
the type in the _spectrometer_
is way too small and doesn't size.
anyhow, no doggone math.

_eloquently_ is another story.
never mind that other guy,
i'd like to know how you
lay out the displays ...
i know *i* can't do it ...


yes, i'm having trouble getting the default fonts right.

by 'laying out the displays', i assume you mean the equations. i cheat. i format them with an equation editor in a word-processing program, then take screen snap-shot, convert it to a jpeg, and upload it to the blog as a picture. cumbersome, but i get the equations to look just how i want them.


"...then take screen snap-shot, convert it to a jpeg, and upload it to the blog as a picture."

this sounds like something
i might actually be able
to figure out how to do; thanks.

Purple Owl

Being a math student and math tutor, I agree this is the most common mistake in algebra!! I remember a few years ago in my algebra class, we would occasionally have just-for-fun, one-on-one math races to see who could be the first one to get a math problem done correctly. I lost one of those races because of this common mistake! From that day on I never forgot how to distribute an exponent. :)

I love the explanations in your article. You break it down and look at several different ways to explain it. Great article for those of us needing to break that bad math habit. :)



PS. I like double spaces after periods. Whatever you do will make someone unhappy, so do what you like best.



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yes, i'm having trouble getting the default fonts right.

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obgyn chandler

Thanks for an excellent article! I appreciate your insights and agree with what you wrote.

vibram five fingers

So very, very, very (did I mention VERY?) many students get this wrong.

vibram five fingers

If you're a teacher, you'll recognize the need for a good explanation.



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