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Thank you for summing it up into such nice neat points! I tend to ramble when I talk about the race, and this is much more succinct, while still substance-y.


You're the second person in as many days to devote a (relatively) lengthy write-up in favor of Obama. xkcd wrote one yesterday, and his main point was Obama's commitment to open government that the general populace can actually monitor (as well they should be able to).

I've been pretty burned out on politics for several years now (I even dedicated an entry to that particular rant the other day), so much so that I haven't really paid any attention to the campaign cycle this time around. But between xkcd and your own entry now, I've become much more interested in the elections this year and in this candidate in particular. I don't even know what party Obama hails from, and I don't really care. I'm a registered Republican but, in truth, I'm actually more along the lines of a non-partisan voter. The more I hear about Obama, the more favorable he appears to me. At this point, he has my vote.


Really, I can't disagree with anything you've written here. However, I find it interesting you don't mention what is at the crux of every election: policy. I disagree with Obama's policy on virtually every matter, from taxation to entitlement reform to healthcare. Obama is a typical big-government liberal; he things higher taxes and more government programs will solve the problem. Unfortunately, the Republicans have lost all credibility on the small-government issue, so I will likely be voting Libertarian.

Matt B

Since you are like a math genius, figure this out for me. Add up all the new entitlement programs your dude Obama is handing out (1.3 trillion at last count), extend those at least 50 years into the future, assume GDP growth of at least historical 2.2% and viola, the country is bankrupt in less than 20 years.
On a side note, have you read his book, 'Audacity to Hope'? The guy is a Marxist! He liked hanging out in college and smoking cigarettes and weed with Marxist leaning college professors.
On another side note, do you know he hangs with and associates with known terrorists? William Ayers, an ecoterrorist; and btw, Obama is the president of choice of Hamas.
On yet another side note, his skin color has nothing to do with his qualifications, nor do his genitalia.
And his pastor of 20 years is an outright American (spell white American) hating Socialist.

So if a man is to be known by the depth of his character and his character is reflective of the people he associates with and support him, well he must be an American Hating Socialist with Marxist leanings.

Not my guy for president.


Hmmmm, a lot of criticism there, and your tone is a little harsh, but I'll answer a few of them.

I'll be the first one to admit that as a nation we need to cut our spending in the long run. But president Bush has been fiscally terrible for the country, given his massive spending on the war and on the Medicare prescription drug benefit and on his tax cut for the wealthiest. Because let's face the facts: A tax cut has the same effect on the bottom line of the budget as more spending.

So if the government is going to be broke, at least let's try to level the playing field just a little bit so the rich don't just get richer while the poor are robbed of their opportunity.

Also, I beg to differ that Obama's race has nothing to do with his qualifications. If more Black people and otherwise marginalized people feel they have a representative in the White House, maybe it will be easier for everyone to have more trust that their hard work and personal responsibility will really help them get ahead. Surely you could see how that could alleviate some hopelessness and get more people involved in our democracy, which is, after all, the point of a democracy.

And I don't think you want to be opening the cans of worms about judging a president or a candidate by his associations. Bush, by his own admission, used to drink too much, relied on his rich family to avoid scrutiny of his sketchy (at best) military record, and has openly associated with his own racist clergy and political operatives (not that I'm defending Dr. Wright).

McCain was one of the Keating 5 whose involvement in the Savings and Loan scandal earned them a censure. While McCain was only minimally involved, I don't think his associations speak very well of him either...if that's the basis for judgment. But I don't really think it should be...McCain seems like an honorable-enough guy.

It may be true that Hamas feels like Obama may be the most likely candidate to achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East. But president Bush has done wonders for Al Qaeda's recruiting efforts.

I realize that your little "White Men Rule!" world feels like it's in trouble in the world today, but that's because the rest of the world is getting richer and more powerful (which was our idea!), and not because a Black man who can see the world from an international point of view might be president.

Obama's still my guy.


Why I don't support Obama as a Democrat...

Because I think that Obama is arrogant...and that this will be his downfall amongst educated, well-rounded, mature and informed American voters:



I also believe that websites like the one listed may ultimately determine why more and more Democrats will defect to John McCain's camp.

Unfortunately, there is little about Obama that a website like the one below says that can be refuted...that is, unless you've flunked Philosophy 101 in college,or never got to college in the first place.

Check it out: http://www.chilkootmarketing.com/index.htm

What can be done?

Sooner or later all of us will have to reckon with our conscience and higher intellectual powers and when this occures we will invariably be forced to choose between either 'principle' or the physical attributes of the other candidate.

Which candidate is traveling down the wrong road on critical issues?

Which do you think will win out, come November? '

'Higher principles' or the 'physical' attributes of a particular candidate?

Predictably, older voters will vote in favor of 'principle'... obviously, because they are more concerned about what happens after death and the legacy they will leave behind.

In contrast, the younger voters, since they have more time left in life to recant, are more likely to be reckless and procrastinate with any decision in favor of principle, and will likely vote in favor of 'idealism'...

...and these are the young and youthful voters that Obama appeals to and also why a lot of us older folks see Obama as 'the Pied Piper of the niave'.

However, (which is the next question that begs itself): 'When does Barack's own conscience begin to bother him?'

Personally, I think Obama needs to start thinking about what he can do to 'remake' his image if he wants to win this election.

I'm not sure that he'll want to be that person he's beginning to look like against John McCain...who today represents everything that America stands for.

BUT, if Obama thinks he can win going the way he's headed, then let him go for it.

But, as for me and many like me who sit on the fence until election time in November, we'll still be thinking about having to live with ourselves long after this election is over in November and maybe these are the thoughts that the new young voters haven't entertained yet...

...and, there's still a lot that can happen between now and November...

...and, this probably means that Obama faces a huge political swamp ahead...one that he has created for himself by being too impetuous on some very important issues...

...which has already gotten him into trouble with some of the very wise old parents of the younger generation.

- Jim Carder

A disappointed American

Mr. Polymath Author, I have one word for you... SUCKER!

Obama has shown NONE of the positive qualities you reference above. Skyrocketing unemployment, record government spending and waste, and breaking campaign promises are the hallmarks of the 1-term Obama administration.

After a little over a year it is apparent that Obama is PURPOSEFULLY trying to destroy the Constitution and the country. As a veteran teacher, I can honestly say that my students view Obama as the most divisive and hurtful President in history. My country is worse for having him elected, and I am sorry (for us all) that there were those of you who wanted SOOOO badly to believe that this narcissistic man was the transformational figure that he wanted you tho think he was.



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We've come to realize that our strength comes from our diversity.

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The supposed apathy of genX and genY has worried older and "wiser" generations for a long time now.


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