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Bill Ricker

Sympathy on the child-rearing thing - as a now high-school parent, I have interest in your AHSMP project as well.

I see you are limiting it to Proofs, and not other forms of HS math enrichment. Many of the MAA "proof without words" would apply. Rendering them into words would be a good exercise for proto-mathematicians.

Is there a umbrella initiative on some other website indexing this and other HS math enrichment resources, e.g., http://www.stat.columbia.edu/~cook/movabletype/archives/2007/11/what_to_teach_i.html[promising] and http://www.pims.math.ca/pi/ [sadly not publ this year] ?

Hunter Angell

I have discovered a way to finally get .999.... forever to equal 1. It is revolutionary. I am sending out my research in 4 days. Please E-mail me if you wish to know more on it. I am finalizing the proofs and formulas. It is suprising that in all of math's history, no one has every thought of this. It will change the way that we think of numbers forever. Its simple but powerful.
4 days til Launch

-Hunter Angell-


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The baby is great: healthy, smart, cute, determined (adjectives that have been independently confirmed, so it's not just Dad talking here).

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