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cool; thanks.

the next carnival is at my place
everyone's invited to send
(othomas@#%$*cscc dot e,d,u
-- remove the cursing, etc).

John Armstrong

Yet again, numerology drives from music theory. There are 12 half-steps in an octave. One more is overshooting, and ends up being dissonant. It's similar to the concept of "imperfection" attached to 6 (the tritone).

And music theory derives from mathematics. Half steps and octaves both derive from Fourier analysis.


I can not get the pdf paler about 13...can you fix the link?...thanks


uhhhh, that's very strange.

when you hover over the link, the address it says it's going to link to is not the same as the one in the html code. it doesn't seem to want to change! any ideas anyone??

type the following into your browser, and it should work:



and that last word was cut off...it should be pogliani, not just pogl

very strange. thanks for pointing it out.

Ajan Red

its really very interesting.. I have an hipotese too..

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Nike Dunks

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One more is overshooting, and ends up being dissonant. It's similar to the concept of "imperfection" attached to 6 (the tritone).


What a great Carnival, I really loved Maths but I hadn't heard about it. Thanks for sharing this I will participate the next time.

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Math Software For Kids

Interesting.. love maths and this carnival thing should be spread out especially to those math lovers out there. Keep us posted.

Adult Tricycle, Laura

This sounds so interesting! I love great carnival!

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