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Sam Branson

I am not student in the normal sense; I am almost 79, a meths graduate (1950) and an ex-maths teacher. I too an astonished at Morley's Theorem. My thoughts have recently turned the set of triangles which have the same morley triangle. Your proof of Morley gives me the lead I need. Thank you. Good luck in your work and happiness to you and your wife and adopted child.

Sam Branson

I mean Maths NOT Meths!

Michael Tang

Polymath, I just spent the last hour reading your teaching diary from week 1 all the way up to this entry. I am planning to become a math teacher in a couple years (still in school) and the experiences you share are so revealing of what teaching math might be like! Thank you for doing this diary, and best wishes for your family.

P.S. - I also read your posts regarding the whole 0.999... = 1 thing. I found it rather funny about how big of a deal it became... haha...

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