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Cat lover

Excellent post. Thank you for saying something that really needed to be said, and doing so in a mature, non-confrontational way. The blogosphere could use more of that.

The Science Pundit

I truly feel bad for the woman. I also feel bad for the astronaut she attacked; I feel bad for her husband and children; I even feel bad for the male astronaut who got caught up in the triangle. These things are painful enough when they happen to ordinary folks, I can't imagine what it must be like to be part of a national media circus. Now a new tragedy has bumped the astronaut saga off the front pages. I'm not sure how I feel about that.


It's all true. But at the same time, the news media covers crime, no matter the mental health of the accused. Probably a higher proportion of crimes are committed by people with mental illness than we usually care to think about.

And this society demands that cases involving prominent individuals get covered by the new media, and prominently at that. An astronaut? Definitely a minor celeb. The adult diapers have given it some extra mileage, and a love triangle gets more coverage than a liquor store hold-up, but I don't think she is being picked on for her illness.

(I'm not disagreeing with at least one major point: it's not nice, it's not necessary, and the coverage is not informative.)

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