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Great point. Thinking back, the formulas and definitions I had problems with in school and college where easily explained to me by my father, who did this in a visual matter. It's such an eye opener.

I'm more of a visual person, so is he. And when, say, the Limit function is explained on a graph, it becomes plain obvious.

I think it would be great to have some "visual mathematics" class to explain this to all students. Say, by learning a set of examples of how lifeless symbols can be visualized and counted in seconds, what are huge numbers, functions, and so on. It would have helped me a lot.


No need to be sorry - nobody gives a rat's a--.

Paul Carpenter

I admire anyone who is willing to put up with a kid who hasn't got past thinking of maths as a set of algorithms.

stag geciktirici

stag geciktirici

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