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It's amazing to me that your post has generated such a fiery storm. As I noted on my blog, I have never seen such passion, fury and intensity with regards to mathematics. Unfortunately it was misplaced, but still, I'm trying to see the silver lining here :).


Do you realize that a Google search for "polymathematics" returns this blog as the top two hits? Bow Wow!

Ilya Birman

Dirty.ru is a very popular blog formed by its readers. Someone posts a link and if it's disputable enough you get hundreds of comments :-) Not that I think of 0,(9)=1 as disputable, but it looks like not everyone around feels the same way.

The good thing is, I've subscribed to your blog and hope to see more interesting stuff like CMFE :-)

pregnancy calculator

hmmm. Interesting post. Might be a good link:)

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