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"...take a look at this satellite picture of the border between Haiti (which has few restrictions on logging)..."

It's probably more correct to say that Haiti lacks any functioning government, rather than implying they've made poor policy decisions. (Personal experiences regarding Haiti incline me to quibble with such things.)

That being said, the devastation of Haiti is mind-boggling -- the number I've heard put out is that it's 98.5% deforested. Flying into Port-au-Prince gives a stark view of just how bad it is.

Larry Martin

Don't know if you're still out there Math Man but the deforestation in Haiti is due to the need of the people for fuel - not logging. It is more correct to say that there is an energy problem there than a policy problem. And I note that this has not changed since Obama became president so the rant on W, although there is much to rant about, makes no sense. As far as "An Inconvenient Truth" is concerned, the less said the better. Too much disinformation and poor conclusions. We can't win the climate battle with half truths and scare tactics. People are smarter than that.

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