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You know, I agree with you and also, in a more general context, suspect our line of reasoning. To make a judgment about large numbers of people on the basis of a parallel situation involving a single person -- what if the situation isn't parallel? What if it's actually analogous, more of a metaphoric relationship? What if the differences aren't just in scale, but in type?

Economics, in particular, has an air of counter-intuitiveness, what little of it I try to grasp.

So, yeah!! But, then, yeah?


well, i agree that economics is often counter-intuitive. but the stated motive of bush's tax cuts was to stimulate the economy by leaving more money in the hands of consumers and investors. which he did. and that might have been offset by less spending by the government, except that the government didn't stop spending the money that was no longer coming in; they borrowed it instead.

from what i understand about economics, i think the parallel is fairly accurate. there are some people with the theory that if you lower tax rates, the stimulant to the economy will be so great that everyone will make more money, and thus the government can actually make more in taxes than it would have with the higher tax rate. but i'm pretty sure that theory (the laffer curve, if i'm not mistake) has been discredited. and empirically it's simply not true that tax revenues have increased since bush's cuts.

soooo...while i'm not claiming to know a whole ton of economics, everything i've read would imply that my parallel holds to some extent.

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