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Alon Levy

10 minutes for a mile is relatively athletic, I'd say. In 8th grade I ran the 1,500 meters in 12 minutes, the slowest time in my entire middle school.


Perhaps your middle school's athletes weren't, in fact, early versions of adults who train as you do. And perhaps your associations with "black belt in..." were shaped at a time when you didn't really understand what it meant to be a black belt.

I have this experience with being "40ish." It comes from having imagined adulthood by looking at it from the outside. Experiencing it on the inside is, in significant and paradoxical ways, unrecognizable from the outside.

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Marine corps are strong and powerful guys and it's not easy to be among them.


Is this martial art you are referring to Judo?

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But the instructor was very good about insisting on non-violence from his pupils, and I was persistent.

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