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The question has been raised (in Pharyngula's comment section) about whether Intelligent Divsion has anything to do with the Pythagorean school of thought.

The answer is an emphatic no. As I understand it, the Pythagoreans believed (at least until they secretly proved otherwise) that all numbers had to be rational. But if you take a remainder and express it as a fraction (another division), and take that remainder and make it a fraction, and so on...you get a continued fraction, which can be an irrational number.

This fact provides more support for Intelligent Division: when you deny the possibility of remainders, you can generate all sorts of numbers. Remainderists have to stop calculating once there is a remainder, and then create whole new sets of numbers from scratch. Surely Occam's razor favors the guiding of some supernatural intelligence in the process of division.

Moebius Stripper

I just realized that I had some Intelligent Division proponents in my precalculus class last year. One student emphatically declared that the boat in a question couldn't be rowing at a speed of ten and a half kilometers per hour, because "the speed can't be a fraction."

Alon Levy

Besides, remainderism stops working when you include evidence from more general number fields - just try to divide with remainder in Q[SQRT(-19)].


As if you need any further evidence for your argument against Remainderism and Number Theoryism, just think about this:

number theory -> numerology -> witchcraft -> satan


number theory -> cryptography -> secret messages -> child porn and terrorism

The logic is irrefutable. Number Theorismists have been undone!


all i know is i graded
an algebra paper yesterday where
the solution to 7x = 60
was given as "8 R 4"
(no mention of "x", natch).

and *now* i know why i didn't like it!
remainderism must be eliminated!

Robert Marks

The value of Pi given in 1 Kings 7:23 is a whole number (integer), viz., 3, which is consistent with Intelligent Division. At least no-one can accuse God of being inconsistent.


This looks to be almost as powerful as the recently announced Intelligent Falling theory (http://www.theonion.com/content/node/39512 ).


666=the sum of 6(10^(n)) from one to three

milo gardner

Remainders were used by 2,000 BCE Egyptians for

2/p - 1/A = (2A -p)/AP

the so called Hultsch-Bruin
method, rediscovered in 1895, used for remainder arithmetic subtraction, or

2/p = Q + R

with R being stated
as a multiple of p,
as (2A -p)/Ap surely
is for scribal division.

Scribal division can be generally shown as inverse
statement of unit fraction series, or one (1) divided by 2 2/3, a quotient and remainder, becomes

1/(8/3) = 3/8 = 1/4 1/8,

as written in the AWT,
RMP, Reisner and every
other ancient hieratic

In addition, in general
Egyptian scribes wrote
out remaindes as unit
fraction series, their
ancient form of numeration
a notation that scholars
have oddly confused, since
most or Classical scholars
accepting odd views of Euclid, that used the same form of unit fraction arithmetic!

That is, rewriting the
history of fractions and
ways of base 10 division,
as you have begun, seems like an odd and misdirected task, and therefore one that hopefully will be abandoned for the traditional 4,000 year old view, ASAP.

Best Regards,

Milo Gardner


Did you forget that division IS only glorified subtraction - just as multiplication IS only glorified addition?


Remainder suck therefore they should be eliminated from the surface of the planet. Remainders are crappy baby math (no offense to babies). 16/2 = 4R4 NO. 8 you people. 5/2 2R1 NO 2.5 :( Remainders are for squares. Point Proven.


Sorry 'bout that last comment a little crude ;(


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seems like an odd and misdirected task, and therefore one that hopefully will be abandoned for the traditional 4,000 year old view, ASAP.


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