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June 28, 2008


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Paul Carpenter

But there's more to it than active discrimination:

1) If a member of a minority believes that they will be discriminated against then they will be less likely to apply for jobs where the majority of the workforce are white, whether they will be discriminated against or not.
2) Because of historical discrimination, black people do tend to grow up in poorer areas with worse schools and so it's not surprising when they genuinely are less qualified.
3)Affirmative action is easier to enforce in lower paying base level jobs, which could easily be counter productive.

Also, this is a case where I believe the principle of the matter is perhaps more important than the short term logistics.


Those are all excellent points. As a matter of fact, I do agree with affirmative action on principle. But I had a discussion long ago with one of my (few) conservative friends about it, and I specifically want to make the case for it based on practicalities and not on principle.

Your 3rd point is especially good...and a little scary, since it could actually be used to argue against affirmative action, too.

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