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William Willing

> And for those of you waiting for cool math stuff...
Actually, I enjoy your school stories even more.

I'm a teacher myself. I'm relatively unexperienced and only teaching part time. It's nice to know someone teaching on the other side of the globe runs into the same problems I do. :-)

David Harmon

Well, jobs not requiring a college degree are continuing to get scarcer....

I will also comment that I *did* get into Harvard -- even graduated -- and I'm *still* not sure it wasn't a mistake. They had no proper treatment for my depression or learning disabilities, which threw me way off their "track". Fortunately, my family was totally "there for me", and I eventually found up about Prozac on my own! Even so, I spent a lot of time flailing around....

I wound up spending most of my time there living in their various Co-ops (think: "Hippie Houses"). These were such an awkward appendage to the House System where most students reside, that I never really felt part of the "Harvard Community". (They've since turned most of the Co-ops into overflow housing for the main Houses.)

As for the POTUS... well, I suspect he's happy to screw over the "smart kids". Remember, he and Kerry were both C students... but Shrub's were "gentleman's C"s.


I don't know if jobs requiring a college degree are really getting scarcer -- nor do I think all the emphasis on academics in K and 1st grade is showing up with fabulously better skills in HS.

I'd love for my doing well/enjoy learning kids to also have a SKILL. Jobs that require a college degree are often the easiest to outsource. Whereas there's always going to have to be an actual person who builds houses, fixes electrical wiring and plumbing, etc.

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