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Bravo on the conditioning, and bravo on the transparency. I go for both, in a big way, and I think they pay dividends.

Your let's-review-outside-kid? I tend to attack those questions as time wasters... "When you asked that, did you already know the answer? Were you taking time away from everyone else's review? Was that really fair to everyone here?

But yeah, I like teaching them that effort can lead to results. I got a similar spread on my first test (one C, a few B's, mostly A's). I also made a big deal out of everyone doing their homework one day, my disappointment when one kid missed hw the next day, and a challenge we issued to the other algebra classes about how many days in a row we would have 100% homework.

It's not wasted time, it's not wasted effort. Done properly it makes the year flow much better.


most of the time, i have no problems with homework going uncompleted. maybe a kid or two now and then, but the school is too tough to slack off any more than that. but one year i had a group that was so bad that i had to keep a running count on the board of how many days it had been since i saw 100% of the class finish their homework (they just had to try, of course; you can't get upset if they don't understand). amazingly, with only 13 students in the class (yes, one thing their tuition buys them is small classes) i got all the way up to 7 once.

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