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Sounds like some of my teachers ... in that the first week was just impossibly easy. But it is starting to pay off :-) The first week was all basic set theory in math, but now we are actually using to to, for example, construct the set of natural numbers.

But it makes me wonder, why the hell is set theory taught in elementry school? It was one of the most usless mathematical concepts we learned back then. If it takes until now, freshman year of college, for it to become useful, why not skip it until then?

But, all the same, good luck with classes, and good luck with that baby thing. Always a pleasure to read your writing.


I've taken to throwing in a few things from outside the curriculum in the first few days, to wow them and to keep them on their toes. Most of this is easy, but even now they learn they need t watch out.

stag sprey

geciktirici sprey



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