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The Science Pundit

I agree because there are other situations where they can't seem to acknowledge that X can exist.

X * 10^9 has enough money for taxes and investment.
Y * 10^9 has enough money for taxes or investment.

Your Wife

Actually, you didn't get the story quite right. Because she could not afford to leave subsidized housing, the student had to reduce her number of credit hours at the university, so that she is not a full-time student. This means it will take her longer to complete her degree--and it will actually cost her more, as well. Meanwhile, she will continue to live in subsidized housing that much longer. Brilliant, eh?


Our Prez has trouble with these conjunctions, too: he keeps Googling Bush AND good leader when he should be Googling Bush OR good leader.

David Harmon

It's probably simpler than that... somebody in charge of subsidies got told "cut the rolls", so they just added or tightened some semi-arbitrary restrictions. Issues such as program goals or future expenditures were probably not even considered.

Your student naturally responded by gaming the system, which was made that much easier by the mindless nature of the agency's behavior.

none given

If "or" is the reality - what's wrong with that? Shouldn't rent come first? Or does the nobility of education supercede the obligation to pay your bills?

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