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The Science Pundit

I don't own a car (but I do eat processed foods), so my ecological footprint should be below average. I certainly can't expect everyone to live to my standards; hell, I couldn't even live to my own standards if there weren't truck and bus drivers. But I'm constantly amazed at how much energy people thoughtlessly waste each day.

That's why I'm for a stiff gasoline tax that will make everyday driving uncomfortable. People will think twice before driving to the corner store. Three something per gallon obviously isn't enough to make people carpool when it's "inconvenient." I'm always cursing at the idiots on the bike path who don't know what they're doing; but I would welcome a thousand more idiots if it meant that many less cars on the road.

I know it's a losing proposition in the current political climate, but maybe with a real leader--you know, the FDR type (or perhaps the Al Go.. nay, perish the thought!), we could get the country behind a "Freedom from Oil" campaign.

I can dream as I pedal my bike.

Joseph Hertzlinger

Resources, in the sense they are finite, consist of atoms and energy. We don't use up atoms at all and we use only a small portion of the sunlight hitting the Earth.

Johan Richter

The way for the poor countries to become rich is to increase their productivity: This increase in productivity will increase our resources and thus make it possible for everyone to have a higher standard of living. At least this could happen.

The problem with your argument is that you assume that the resources are non-increasing. Why do you believe that? Also why has not this stopped a large part of the global populatioin from becoming richer during the last hundred years?

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