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your wife

Someone somewhere (on NPR?) recently said that Americans tend to conflate democracy and liberty, which are not the same things, as we see with the Palestinian elections. It's not really exactly what you're talking about here, but it relates to the last part, anyway.

I could talk more, but won't, about how Bush sees what "liberty" means as opposed to what the man or woman on the street might feel about it--in this country or in the ME, really.


Hi there. Played collect-the-links from a hilarious comment you made about the Cheney hunting fiasco on another blog. God bless Blogsearch.

Anyway, you said it beautifully. I just wish the gazillions of people and lives and dollars being spent in Iraq et. al. were distributed according to your principles. Maybey for something like literacy (gasp) or preventative health care. (gasp)


Best wishes from Phx, AZ

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