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The best thing about the "making of" video is that they spend all that time rehearsing in a grade school, surrounded by construction paper signs and tiny little chairs.


heh, i was too stunned by the musicality of it all to even notice!

Steve Nordquist

Hokay, just tell people what flash it is and point out the bits, eh? Comes up blank on this iMac, but I just tried to reinstall Java using great sweeping movements...and I didn't read the great sweeping iMac poster first, so....
Definitely neither i18n nor Accessible!
Ah! (Using the SImplyMepis LiveCD in the other room's Athlon) It's on the 'Watch the Civic' bit. And you should've said it was an acapella ensemble of 40 people making Honda noises, I've done that before logic class opened, easy as that.
...no i didn't film it on a Chunnel barge...

Fans will have seen/heard _Maybe Bop_'s C=64 game covers (free to download, those) or albums. German troupe, those.


i'm not sure i follow all of steve's comments...but in case they're instructions that will help people see the clip, i'll leave his last one up there...i deleted a couple that seemed like duplicates.

it worked fine on my iMac at work (running Explorer) and on my eMac at home (running Firefox), for the record.

gorra rockstar

Ein sehr schöner Artikel, der in diesem Blog geschrieben wurde, und all die Gedanken, die in diesem Artikel zum Ausdruck gebracht. In diesem Papier, das FA? Ist es, auf die Gedanken sind sehr nett und es ist kurz und süß für mich PLA t über hier.

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